Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It isn't no joke.
Long hours.
Time consuming.
For me, at least.
I wouldn't change a single moment.
Stay at home mother.
Home maker.
Bill payer.
Shit, it's tough.
I love every moment of it.
Every day I am taken away but the little girl I wake up to.
Preslie keeps me on my toes.
She is the center of my world.
I have the opportunity to stay at home and watch my little girl grow.
I never miss a moment.
I only get a break when Dada lets me.
My best friend is my adult interaction.
I buy onsies instead on liquor now.
I don't party, I'd rather sleep.
I don't just get up and go.
I have to tease a baby so I can take a 7 minute shower.
At most.
I make obnoxious noises to keep her entertained, while trying to put eyeliner on.
I watch Ernie's 1,2,3 Count with me about 5 times a day.
I can't just run into a store anymore.
Everything is a process.
Motherhood is a process.
But it's the most rewarding thing by far.
Fuck yes.
Screaming baby, I'm pissed, and she gives me this face.
This pitiful, "I'm faking, and your buying it, so I am going to continue.." face.
I think " damn it, she is so fucking cute, and she is mine".
I love every moment of my life.
Damn, motherhood caught me by surprise.

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