Friday, January 27, 2012

26 weeks, and 13 weeks to go!

    Preslie Jean is around 2 WHOLE POUNDS, what the heck?! From her head to tiny toes, about 14 inches. She is moving so much these days, especially when it's time to sleep.

    We were SUPPOSED to go to Michigan to see my family, and Shane's but he couldn't get leave in time. I am not okay with driving 22 hours while 32 weeks pregnant, even if doctor okay's it.

    I am digging not working right now, but I know I will need a job eventually to help with money. Unemployment is good for now.

    So the animals have fleas -_- I need to get this shit fixed soon. Optimus is having some fur technical difficulties, haha....but yeah.

    I want to end this short little update, with if you can't support yourself alone, then don't have sex, ugh, teenagers annoy me!