Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let's just sum it up.

I had the most beautiful daughter this year.
Celebrated 1 year anniversary to my handsome husband.
I was in 2 car accidents, none my fault or driving and both injured in.

Most amazing fact I learned, I am nothing like my birth mother.
I've gone so many times, in fear of being mentally ill like her.
All tests and answers are NO.
My doctor said I am too hard on myself.
Nothing scares me more than being like her.
Rude. Selfish. Conniving. Self centered. Manipulative.
I'm not on drugs or beating my kid.
I'm a shoe in for mom of the year.
I just thank the positive ladies in my life.
I'm such an observer.
I observe how people act.
I know right and wrong.
Thanks Mom (Cathy).

We welcomed baby Jayla Thompson.
Christmas Eve baby.
I love her oh so much already.
Reconnected with my aunts.
New puppy, Elvis.
New wedding ring.
I got to see my parents.

One year anniversary since my Grandad passed.
Since it is my only death and I have trouble letting go, I have never fully gotten over it.
He was the biggest role model I had.
He is the one person I never had to question his love for me.
He forgave.
He loved.
I never got to say goodbye.
I left to go back home and I didn't stop back.
He was supposed to be okay.
That's my mistake.

Now, to finish my wine and bath and wait for the new year to come!
Wishes to all.