Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh the time flies

I totally failed at this blog. So let's try again.

Preslie Jean was born, like 5.5 months ago!
Best. Moment. Ever.
She was perfect. 7.75 oz. 20 in.
May 5 2012.

Now we are almost 6 months old! We sit up. Starting to crawl and eat solids.

Babies grow and they grow fast. I never knew my daughter would be this smart, this beautiful. I knew I was meant for this job. Even my body, this mama got through labor with no tears. Come at me! Iron strong.

Motherhood is wonderful. Beautiful.

I love being a mom. Seriously? It is fucking awesome. Minus the PPD and the happy pills. Whatev's.

Eh, I'll post again tomorrow. I need to snuggle my baby in bed with some pandora and my sassy mom friends.

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